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The attorneys and staff at Cooper Ginsberg Gray work with our clients to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable rate. Below is a brief description of our fee structure and some ways that you can help keep your expenses under control.

You are billed for the time that Cooper Ginsberg Gray works on your case including your initial consultation with the firm. We charge an hourly billing rate, and we measure the time spent on your case in six minute increments. You are billed based upon the amount of time our attorneys and staff spend on your case. When you retain the firm, you pay a sum of money called a “retainer.” This retainer stays in our escrow account. As time is billed on your case, money is drawn out of the retainer escrow account to cover the expense. If any funds remain at the conclusion of your case, they are returned to you. The initial retainer is determined by the attorney who conducts your initial consultation. The amount of the retainer fee depends on the simplicity or complexity of your case and the hourly billing rate of your attorney.

Our billing cycle ends on the 10th day of each month; by the 15th day of each month an invoice detailing the work performed on your case will be mailed to you. In addition to the legal work performed on your case, the monthly invoice details the costs incurred on your behalf, which may include delivery charges, postage, photocopying costs, scanning costs, and facsimile charges. You may be requested to pay third parties, such as process servers, court reporters, or expert witnesses directly. Your fees and costs will be deducted from your retainer account at the conclusion of each billing cycle.

We understand that a family law matter can cause considerable financial and emotional strain on a family. Cooper Ginsberg Gray will make every effort possible to minimize this strain. Before we undertake legal work that we anticipate will result in substantial costs, we will discuss the pros and cons of taking such action.

Below we have listed several steps that you can take to limit your attorney’s fees and costs.

  1. Remember that you will be billed for all the time that Cooper Ginsberg Gray spends on your case whether on the telephone, communicating by e-mail, appearing in court, or performing another task on your behalf. Except in the case of an emergency or time sensitive issue, it is often most efficient to wait to telephone, e-mail, or schedule an appointment until you have several questions or comments to discuss rather than contacting your attorney each time a question arises.

  2. Provide your attorney with complete information about your case to the extent possible. You will incur more fees and costs if you do not provide complete information and your lawyer must obtain information about your case from another source.

  3. Make copies whenever possible. Doing so will limit the time that a staff member is copying your documents and will limit your copying fees.

  4. Use Cooper Ginsberg Gray for your legal needs. Allow your attorney to provide you with referrals to other professionals if you need assistance that is beyond the scope of Cooper Ginsberg Gray’s expertise.

  5. Write down your questions in advance of calling or writing your attorney.

  6. Help your attorney with the discovery process by promptly providing copies of your financial documents and by keeping meticulous records during your period of separation through the divorce process.

  7. Try to keep your first, emotional responses to a minimum. Make decisions based on long-terms goals.

  8. Listen to your attorney’s advice regarding settlement and likely outcomes if your case goes to trial. Use litigation as a last resort, and only when other options for resolution have been explored and attempted.

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