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Firm Articles

Caring for Our Client's Other Needs (Family Lawyer Magazine) by Robert M. Worster and Paula J. Gardner.  

A collaboration between lawyer and paralegal, this article explores the ongoing needs of a divorced client, from navigation of post-divorce relationships, to assistance with addiction and mental illness.

Advising Client Under the New Virginia Child Support Guidelines (Virginia Family Law Quarterly) by Daniel L. Gray.  

Published in the Spring 2014 edition of Virginia Family Law Quarterly, this article provides a thorough discussion of how the 2014 revisions to Virginia's child support guidelines impacted child support orders that were already in existence.

Collaborative Law: What Every Practicioner Should Know (Virginia Family Law Quarterly) by David L. Ginsberg.  

Mr. Ginsberg provides an indepth explanation of the collaborative process, from the intent of the process and the different forms of the process may take, to the key players of the process and how they interact to serve the clients.

Child Support for the "Emancipated" Special Needs Child (Family Law News)/Child Support for the "Emancipated" Special Needs Child (EP Magazine)*  Published in both the July 2013 edition of EP Magazine and the Fall 2013 edition of Family Law News, Mr. Olson and Ms. Herrell explore how courts handle requests for child support made for disabled children over the age of 18.

* EP Magazine is the oldest (43 years old) and most respected journal serving the special needs and disability community in America.  It's also the only special interest consumer digital publication endorsed by a professional medical society in the United States. To subscribe, go to: www.subscribe.eparent.com  

And Was Not a Gift by David L. Ginsberg and Jessica Roth.  

Mr. Ginsberg and Ms. Roth provide a detailed discussion of cases where a litigant attempted to prove that retitling of separate property into the joint names of the parties was not meant to be a gift.

Custody and Visitation, Divorce and Custody Issues by Daniel L. Gray.  

Mr. Gray answers questions that commonly arise about custody in the divorce process, including questions regarding the communication of an impending separation to children, moving out of the house, children who do not want to see a parent, children speaking with the judge, and relocation out of the area. 

Separation (Property Settlement) Agreements by David L. Ginsberg.  

In this article, Mr. Ginsberg discusses Virginia's attitude toward agreements in divorce cases and reviews the arguments that litigants have used in an attempt to invalidate signed agreements.