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Family Law Services

Virginia Family Law Attorneys

The firm handles a wide variety of matters for our clients, who come from all walks of life. We strive to represent our clients in a manner that respects each person’s individual goals, both financial and personal. The firm will handle most any matter in the family law realm, including the following.


We are equipped to guide you through this most difficult of life changes in a dignified manner that emphasizes resolution through negotiation. We handle uncontested divorces cases with or without a formal agreement in place. We also handle contested divorce cases and are fully prepared to vigorously advance your cause whether though negotiation or litigation. Our attorneys have settled and litigated complex cases involving a variety of issues including closely-held businesses, separate property, tracing, hidden assets and income, retirements, credit card debts, lines of credit, mortgages, adultery, desertion, and cruelty.  (Back to Top)

Child Support/Spousal Support

If you are involved in a divorce and require spousal or child support; if you have separated from your spouse and find yourself in need of financial assistance; or if you have a child for whom support is required, the firm has the resources to help you obtain spousal or child support. Our attorneys routinely handle support matters such as the establishment of initial support award, modification of support awards, and enforcement and collection of support arrearages. We also have experience with hidden assets and income, difficult financial compensation systems, self-employed individuals, closely-held corporations, and many other complex income scenarios.  (Back to Top)

Child Custody and Visitation

Whether you are seeking to establish a custody and visitation arrangement, beginning a divorce, are related to a child to whom you have been denied access, or are seeking to modify an outdated custodial arrangement, the firm is able to assist you with your child custody and visitation issues. We have represented mothers, fathers, grandparents and relatives who are all concerned with ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. We litigate to obtain temporary and permanent child custody determinations, negotiate custody agreements, and handle all manner of custody modifications. The firm prides itself on a reasoned approach to custody that blends the client’s wishes with their desire to minimize potential trauma to their children.  (Back to Top)

Distribution of Property

We can assist you with the fair and equitable distribution of property incident to divorce. Each of our lawyers has tried and negotiated numerous cases involving the simplest assets to the most complex. We stay current with evolving laws regarding novel or unique assets such as stock options, foreign pension plans, Top Hat compensation, accrued annual and sick leave, business partnerships and other assets. We utilize the best experts in the fields of business valuation, appraisal, and forensic accounting. Whatever the property distribution issue, our collective experience allows us to approach the matter with the knowledge required for a fair distribution.  (Back to Top)

Protective Orders

Few life events are as dramatic as domestic violence, particularly when it occurs where you live. Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator, the physical and emotional damages are real and the consequences can be severe. You deserve to be represented by someone who knows the law and understands the consequences of domestic violence on custody, immigration, security clearances and employment.

We routinely represent adults and children, spouses, unrelated household members and same-sex couples in domestic violence cases. We provide consultation and representation for those facing investigations and hearings before the Court or Child Protective Services (CPS). We also provide criminal defense to those charged with domestic assault and battery and related offenses [Va. Code § 18.2-57].

We start by listening to your whole story, understanding your individual situation and then work promptly to find the best resolution to protect you and your family and restore your sense of safety and normalcy. Whether you seek the preservation of your family, the protection of you or your children, or simply to know your options we can help.  (Back to Top)


Our attorneys have handled appeals of trial court decisions on numerous issues. Whether you wish to appeal your Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court decision to a Circuit Court, or you wish to appeal your Circuit Court decision to the Court of Appeals, the firm can ably assist you in such matters.  (Back to Top)


Pre-Nuptial Agreements: As couples begin their married lives, each may have ideas about how they want their marriage to operate, certain assets they wish to protect, and thoughts about how certain matters should be handled upon death, separation, divorce, or other events. The firm will draft and negotiate prenuptial agreements on behalf of our clients in a manner that ensures the client’s desires are met and that hopefully minimizes the trauma of divorce, death, or other unhappy life-changing event. We recommend that clients considering prenuptial agreements meet with us as far in advance of their wedding date as possible so that the agreement can be negotiated and entered without pressure and in an amicable fashion.

Post-Nuptial Agreements: Some couples agree on principal or for various reasons not to obtain a divorce and wish merely to segregate their financial affairs. Others may have considered divorce but wish to reconcile with the knowledge that in the event of divorce or separation, they have an agreement that resolves all issues arising out of their marriage. The firm can assist you with a post-nuptial agreement that allows you to remain married while accomplishing whatever financial or personal goals you may have.

Marital Settlement Agreements: When couples seek an amicable divorce or have agreed in principle on matters related to their marriage, our attorneys can draft and appropriate Settlement Agreement formalizing the resolution of these issues. We also draft Settlement Agreements in cases where the parties reach a resolution through mediation or during the litigation process. Regardless of the stage of your case, Cooper Ginsberg Gray will formalize your settlement terms to resolve your case and provide you stability for the future.  (Back to Top)


Mediation is a process by which parties try to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a third party, or mediator. The mediator may be a family friend, a lawyer, a therapist, or a professionally certified mediator. The process can be informal, as with a friend or pastor, or it can be more formal. The goal of mediation is to reach a fair compromise on all issues. Not every case or issue is amenable to mediation, because it requires a “level playing field.” We are prepared to discuss with our clients the different mediation options available to them and offer practical advice on whether to pursue this course of action.  (Back to Top)

Name Change

In most cases, men, women, adults and children residing in Virginia may legally change their name. We routinely assist many clients in changing a name pursuant to a divorce or even where a child seeks a modification without the consent of one parent. Please contact us to see if you qualify for a name change.  (Back to Top)


We have the ability to assist clients in this rewarding process of uncontested adoption matters.  (Back to Top)