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Choosing Your Attorney

Fairfax Family Law Attorneys

Your relationship with your family law attorney is important. It is essential that you find someone with whom you are comfortable on a personal and professional level. While an attorney may be noted in his or her field, you might not feel personally comfortable with that lawyer’s style or advice. Other times, you may like the attorney personally, but find his or her professional style or skills lacking. You must try to find the right balance of professional competence and personal comfort. At a minimum, expect the following things from your lawyer:

  • Your telephone calls should be returned promptly.
  • The billing arrangement should be explained clearly.
  • Your attorney should listen to your concerns and treat them with respect, even if he or she disagrees with your position.
  • Your attorney and his or her staff should be professional and courteous.
  • You should receive copies of important papers, pleadings, and correspondence.


The lawyers at Cooper Ginsberg Gray understand that you are going through a very difficult state of your life during which limits may be placed on your ability to maintain relationship with the most important people in your life. Moreover, many critical financial decisions will be made during this time, which could have lasting effects far into the future. Our philosophy is that clients are entitled to representation that entails respect, dignity, trust and support.

Respect: You are not only a client, but a spouse or parent, and we will treat you as an individual. We will listen to your concerns and discuss how they may be addressed in your case. Your goals and objectives are our primary concern.

Dignity: We understand that you may not be familiar with the legal process or your rights. We will take the time to explain how the legal system works and what rights or obligations you may have.

Trust: Cooper Ginsberg Gray will clearly define the attorney-client relationship. As our client, you should be confident that you completely understand the role that we will have as your lawyers and your obligations as our client.

Support: Our lawyers work closely with Dr. Leah Nathan, the firm's in-house divorce coach, to ensure that clients are receiving not only legal advice, but also emotional support and guidance.  This unique approach offered by Cooper Ginsberg Gray has become an integral and productive component of the firm's representation of clients in all aspects of family law.