David Ginsberg Attends Virginia Collaborative Divorce Conference

On Monday, November 13th, David Ginsberg attended the annual Virginia Collaborative Practice conference.  Attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial neutrals from throughout the state met in Charlottesville.  The conference focused on Mastering Crucial Moments in Divorce and Separation by Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick.  The seminar provided tips and techniques to help professionals work efficiently and effectively with other collaborative team members and clients.

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Rob Worster Presents “Use, Abuse, and Addiction in Family Law”

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Robert M. Worster III, Esq. presented a continuing legal education seminar on “Use, Abuse, and Addiction in Family Law.” The panel also included the Hon. Stephen C. Shannon, Fairfax County Circuit Court; the Hon. Kimberly J. Daniel, Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court; Elizabeth (Lisa) Bennett, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, and was moderated by Lauren Smith, Esq. Thank you to the staff of the Fairfax Bar Association for the support and to everyone who participated.

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Shelter House’s Unmask Domestic Violence Event

On October 27, 2017, David Ginsberg attended Shelter House’s Unmask Domestic Violence Event at PJ Skidoo’s in Fairfax.  David, who is a member of Shelter House’s Board of Directors, joined 125 other “masked attendees” for food, drinks and raffle prizes.  Shelter House raised over $4,000 from raffle ticket sales that evening, all of which will go towards the survivors and their families at Artemis House (Fairfax County’s only 24-emergency domestic violence shelter).  CGG is proud to host the Chipping in to End Charity Golf Tournament each year to benefit Artemis House!

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CGG Conquers the Jail Bus!

On November 2nd, CGG conquered the Jail Bus! The Jail Bus is a transportable escape room located in Fairfax.  While handcuffed together and with only 40 minutes on the clock, both teams solved puzzles to escape the bus with time to spare! A fun activity for all!

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Rob Worster Attends FBA Convention

Rob Worster attended the Fairfax Bar Association's 2017 Convention held at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania from October 19–22, 2017. The opportunity to learn from the impressive faculty in a picturesque environment was greatly appreciated. Topics ranged from Attorney's Fees, Bankruptcy, Cyber Security and Wire Fraud, Employment Issues, Equitable Distribution & Asset Valuations, Ethics, Evidence, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Immigration, Charitable Gaming, Business Valuation, the Cloud, Mediation, the Stored Communications Act and the Virtual Digital Asset Afterlife. The convention went off without a hitch thanks to the tireless efforts of FBA Executive Director Courtnie Norris, Assistant Executive Director Jana Sehrer, and Coordinators Brianna R. Allen, Caitlin L. Warren and Sonya M. Duchak, Esq.

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Divorce Support Circle with Dr. Leah Nathan

On the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM, Dr. Leah Nathan, CGG’s Divorce Coach, hosts a complimentary Divorce Support Circle.   A support circle offers the uniqueness of talking to others in the same situation under the guidance of a trained clinician who can provide helpful perspectives in making this transition. The support circle also provides an empathetic and solution-focused atmosphere for participants to talk about their challenges and brain storm how to address them as they arise.  For more information about CGG’s Divorce Support Circle and/or to register for the November 14thCircle, please contact Dr. Nathan at lnathan@cgglawyers.com.

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Kristen Kugel Coaches Trial Ad Team to Quarter Finals!

Over the weekend, Kristen Kugel traveled to San Francisco with four law students from the George Mason University School of Law for the 6th Annual In Vino Veritas National Mock Trial Competition. The competition was hosted by the Golden Gate University School in Law and had students try a criminal wire fraud case. Mason’s team advanced to the quarterfinal round and Kiersen Commons, a 2L on the team, won Best Direct Examination for her questioning of the problem’s expert witness.

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Reinventing Yourself When Your Marriage Ends

Dr. Leah Nathan, CGG’s Divorce Coach, recently presented a complimentary seminar entitled “Reinventing Yourself When Your Marriage Ends.”  Attendees learned about the impact of long term stress, divorce transition do’s and don’ts, and coping strategies for fostering a positive mindset.  They also participated in a “Rebuilding Yourself” exercise.  CGG offers complimentary seminars on a monthly basis.  To receive information about upcoming seminars, feel free to contact Dr. Leah Nathan at lnathan@cgglawyers.com.

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Dr. Leah Nathan Hosts “Communication and Conflict Management in Divorcing Families”

On November 7, 2017 from 6PM – 8PM, Dr. Leah Nathan, CGG’s divorce coach, will present a complimentary seminar entitled “Communication and Conflict Management in Divorcing Families.”  This seminar will provide a solution-oriented and experiential approach to effectively address the inevitable conflicts that arise throughout the divorce process.  Attendees will be provided with conflict resolution strategies designed to improve the relationship with their children and improve communication with their spouse, while at the same time navigating through the challenging hurdles of the divorce process.  Space is limited and available on a “first to respond” basis.  RSVP to lnathan@cgglawyers.com.

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Divorce Support Circle Discusses Stress and Self-Care Strategies

Stress is an inevitable response when navigating the hurdles of a divorce. In a recent Divorce Support Circle facilitated by Dr. Leah Nathan, clients were very candid in reporting the stressful reactions they were experiencing in response to the divorce process. Some of the identified stressors shared by our clients were captured on the “Stressed Out” collage (pictured). A stressful life experience can cause the amygdala, an area in your brain, to make irrational decisions because of impaired judgement. Stress can compromise an individual’s immune system and also results in increased cortisol production. Scientific data indicates that elevated cortisol levels interfere with memory and leads to weight gain, increased blood pressure, as well as heart disease. Overall, stress impacts one’s psychological and physical well-being. Clients were resourced with a video that provided psycho-education on how both short-term and long-term stress can impact their daily functioning. Clients also spoke about their main stressors and collaboratively developed an action plan addressing how to overcome this challenge. Clients left the support circle with self-care strategies they can use during stressful times. The divorce support circle is facilitated by Dr. Nathan every second Tuesday of the month.

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